Vertical Heavy Duty Cantilever Sump Pumps

Vertical Heavy Duty Cantilever Sump Pumps

Vertical Heavy Duty Cantilever Sump Pump
Vertical Heavy Duty Cantilever Sump Pump

The Vertical Cantilever Pump has a minimum of parts, no submerged bearings, no liquid "seals or packing to consider, a massive shaft and bearing arrangement, and is ideally suited to vertical applications where continuous service under difficult conditions would normally present maintenance and down time problems.

Smart Turner's Vertical Cantilever design is produced in a range of 35 models on three power frames and geared to today's industrial demands for reliable performance and uninterrupted service.

Depending on the application, rating, and pump setting, sizes are available to 10 x 8 x 16, capacities to 4000 USGPM, heads to 300 feet, and speeds to 3600 RPM.

Other Smart Turner pump catalogues and products to meet your remaining pumping needs are outlined on the inside back cover.

Construction Materials

  • All Iron*
  • All Stainless Steel
  • Alloy 20
  • CD4MCu

Any other Castable, machineable alloy can be considered.
*Stock castings in most common sizes

A Canadian solution to pumping problems.

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Whatever fluids you pump, Smart Turner has the background and technology to help you meet your needs effectively and efficiently with quality designed and built pumps. Smart Turner has established an enviable reputation for reliability while pumping chemicals, oil, beverages, slurries or sewage…almost any liquid known to man.

For over 100 years, Smart Turner has been dealing with and solving pumping problems throughout the world. This in-depth experience, coupled with modern computer technology at every level from concept to shipping, is available to you through our sales and engineering personnel, coast to coast.

At Smart Turner, pumps are our only business, designed through experience to provide consistent performance and minimum maintenance. A wide range of sizes and types allows us to match the right pump to your specific application.

For further information, or an evaluation or your pumping system requirements, contact your nearest Smart Turner sales office or distributor.

Vertical Heavy Duty Cantilever Sump Pump
Vertical Heavy Duty Cantilever Sump Pump
Vertical Heavy Duty Cantilever Sump Pump
Vertical Heavy Duty Cantilever Sump Pump
Vertical Heavy Duty Cantilever Sump Pump
Vertical Heavy Duty Cantilever Sump Pump

Design and Construction Specifications

Casing: A radially split, cast volute with integral suction cover and 125/150 p.s.\. ANSI f1atfaced flanged connections, ruggedly designed with generous allowance for abrasion and corrosion. The casing is precisely machined to ensure minimum and consistent clearance between it and the impeller.

Impeller: Cast in one piece, the open impeller is trimmed to the exact diameter required and is factory balanced. The heavy section of the impeller provides excellent wear and corrosion allowance. The clearance between the impeller and casing is factory set to ensure optimum performance and no field adjustment is required. The impeller is keyed to the shaft extension and secured by a locknut.

Column: A rigid support column has a large diameter, heavy section to minimize deflection and integral flanges with machined, spigotted fits to ensure accurate and rigid alignment.

Column Adapter: Five adaptors cover the full range. They are cast with fully open sides, to ensure that no pressure build up is possible in the column, and house a restriction bushing to prevent leakage along the shaft.

Bearing Housing: Located above, and spigot fitted to, the base plate, the rigid cast iron bearing housing accepts a 'C' flange motor as standard and is designed for direct drive through a flexible coupling. Other drive arrangements can be provided.

Shaft: The massive, rigid, tapered alloy shaft is sized and engineered to provide smooth running with mini-mum deflection, and to ensure that its first critical speed is well above the running speed, even when the pump is operating against a closed valve. The replaceable extension through the restriction bushing accurately locates against the shaft shoulder and is easily replaced, eliminating the necessity to replace the complete shaft, even during a major overhaul.

Restriction Bushing: Located in the column adaptor to prevent leakage along the shaft, the glass filled Teflon restriction bushing guarantees exceptionally close clearance and low recirculation while also ensuring freedom from galling or seizure under almost any circumstance.

Bearings: Grease lubricated bailor roller bearings, depending on the frame size, are selected to provide an optimum B10 100,000 hour life in normal operating service, and a 30,000 hour life or more, even when the pump is operating against a closed valve. Both radial and thrust bearings are housed above floor level and are protected against foreign matter entering the housing.

Baseplate: A rigid casting providing total support for the pump and allowing removal of the pump from the coverplate with a minimum of dismantling. Accurate alignment is obtained through spigotted fits to the bearing housing and column. The baseplate is integral with the bearing housing on the 8 and 10 frame.

Coverplate: Designed to support the complete unit and fabricated to our standard dimensions, or to suit installation requirements.

Interchangeability: 35 pumps on three frames, a single column size and five adaptors ensure maximum efficiency and economy.

Settings: Standard columns provide settings (base plate to suction) to 6 feet depending on model. Longer settings can be provided either by use of a suction nipple or, depending on model and rating, by a longer column, or by shoulder mounting of the bearing housing to the cover plate.

Materials of Construction: Cast Iron, 304/316 Stainless Steel, Alloy 20, Titanium, or other machinable alloys as required for the service.

Optional Equipment

Flexible Coupling: For normal duty our current standard is provided when a coupling is ordered. However, couplings of almost any style or manufacture can be accommodated.

Motors: An electric motor or other driver can be provided.

Suction Nipple: Enables the pump to be applied to greater depths.

Suction Strainer: The cast strainer has an integral 125/150 p.s.i. ANSI flange to match the suction or suction nipple.

Float Switch: Float switches or other level controls are available on application.

Other Cantilever Pumps

Cantilever design Refuse Pumps, capable of handling solids up to 2'/2', are also available on application.