Ag System Pumps

Ag System Pump
ANSI B73.1 Heavy Duty Chemical Process Pump
  • Drag Line Applications
  • Flush Systems
  • Manure Transfer
  • Booster Pumps
  • Irrigation
  • Watering Pumps
  • Food Processing Pumps
  • Maple Syrup

Bulletproof Innovation

High Pressure, High Capacity Drag line pumps that operate at equal or higher capacities with lower, slower engine RPM.

Smart Turner Pumps are built heavy rugged, and reliable … Designed & Built for the commercial operator who is paid by the gallon and cannot afford to go down! Starting from the rugged design of the bearing frame designed with a B-10 bearing life of 100,000 hours. Smart Turner Pumps are rated for up to 750 HP and up to 2300 with solid cast 24" diameter impellers trimmed to suit your needs and the full slurry rebuild-able cartridge mechanical seals that are standard on Smart Turner Pumps units. The largest impeller engineer to operate at much slower engine RPM! Reduce Fuel Costs, Reduce Wear and offers a longer operating life.