Manufacturing & Commissioning of 2LHUO Heavy Duty Horizontal End Suction Pumps for Waste Management Industry

2LHUO Horizontal End Suction Pump

With an extensive expertise in a wide range of pumping applications, Smart Turner Pumps Inc was able to meet the challenge of designing and producing this heavy duty horizontal end suction pump, used in the waste management industry. The particular application of this pump, which moves leachate water from a landfill transferred via tanker for treatment, required special attentive considerations in material selection and pump design. As such, cast iron was used for the bearing frame, and a 316 stainless steel selected for the casing, impeller, and shaft, to certify and enable superior contaminant resistance, and performance longevity.

Following our standard strict quality control, the pump was machined, assembled, tested, approved, and directly expedited to the required landfill site on time and error free. Using the installed ANSI flat faced flanged connections, we installed and commissioned the pumps to ensure proper levels, valve configurations, and starting parameters were both met and followed.

Project Highlights Producing Heavy Duty Horizontal End Suction Pumps

Product DescriptionThese 2LHUO Horizontal End Suction Pumps are used to pump Leachate Water for a landfill.
Capabilities Applied/ProcessesCastings, Lathe, Horizontal Boring Machine, Mill machine
Hydrostatic Test 175 psi / 10 minutes

On-Site Commissioning

Start-Up Supervision

Overall Pump DimensionsLength: 47.375"
Width: 10"
Height: 15.75"
Suction Inlet: Ø3"
Discharge Outlet: Ø2"
Tightest Tolerances+.0005(I assume this is in the Manufacture of the unit)
Material UsedPump Casing, Open Impeller, Shaft: 316 Stainless Steel,
Casting 316 Stainless ASTM A351 Grade CF8M.
Bearing Frame: Cast Iron
115 feet of head
1,750 RPM
Motor Specifications:
20 HP
1,800 RPM
TEFC Enclosure
256T Frame
Severe Duty IEEE841
NEMA Premium Efficiency
150# ANSI Flat Faced Flanged Connections
Pump Flow DataFluid: Water
Viscosity of 1.105 cP
Temperature of 60°C
Estimated Part Weight700 lbs.
Industry for UseWastewater Treatment
Turn Around Time10-12 Weeks After Approval of Drawings
Delivery LocationLondon, Ontario
Standards MetCustomer supplied specifications
Product NameManufacturing & Commission of 2LHUO Horizontal End Suction Pump