ANSI B73.1 Heavy Duty Chemical Process Pumps

ANSI B73.1 Chemical Process Pump Overview

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ANSI B73.1 Heavy Duty Chemical Process Pump

The ANSI End Suction Pump range continues the Smart Turner Pumps Inc tradition of providing well proven, uncomplicated designs incorporating high efficiency and smooth, low NPSH performance in a compact economical, Heavy Duty End Suction Pump.

Smart Turner ANSI Pumps are ideally suited to plant service and chemical process applications where continuous, reliable operation is essential, whether the fluid is clean, dirty, corrosive or abrasive.

Smart Turner ANSI Pumps are quality built for rugged, trouble free operation. They are available with either grease or oil lubricated bearings as standard.

Smart Turner ANSI Pumps are engineered to exceed ANSI standards in all essential features. Impeller adjustment is positive and uncomplicated.

High shaft stiffness yields low shaft deflections. Oversize bearings provide more than 2 year L10 life in all cases. The large stuffing box and the rear impeller pump out vanes provide excellent heat dissipation and low stuffing box pressure for long packing and seal life. The recessed pump out vane arrangement minimizes the effects of wear by maintaining pump out efficiency throughout the full range of impeller adjustment.

Smart Turner ANSI Pumps are produced and stocked in a wide range of sizes using only three bearing housings. This makes an efficient parts inventory possible through extensive interchangeability of parts between pumps.

With the inclusion of ANSI Pumps, Smart Turner can now offer a range of End Suction Pumps, totaling over 60 models, with capacities to 6000 USGPM, heads to 800 feet and speeds to 3500 Rpm.

Construction Materials

  • All Iron
  • 316 Stainless Steel
  • Steel
  • Alloy 20
  • CD4MCuN
  • Hastelloy C
  • Bronze
  • Monel
  • Other Materials on Application

Smart Turner Solution to Pumping Problems…

Whatever fluids you pump, Smart Turner has the background and technology to help you meet your needs effectively and efficiently with quality designed and built pumps. Smart Turner has established an enviable reputation for reliability while pumping chemicals, oil, beverages, slurries or sewage...almost any liquid known to man.

For over 100 years, Smart Turner has been dealing with and solving pumping problems throughout the world. This in-depth experience, coupled with modern computer technology at every level from concept to shipping, is available to you through our sales and engineering personnel, coast to coast.

At Smart Turner, pumps are our only business, designed through experience to provide consistent performance and minimum maintenance. A wide range of sizes and types allows us to match the right pump to your specific application.

For further information, or an evaluation or your pumping system requirements, contact your nearest Smart Turner sales office or distributor.

ANSI B73.1 Heavy Duty Chemical Process Pumps
ANSI B73.1 Heavy Duty Chemical Process Pumps
ANSI B73.1 Heavy Duty Chemical Process Pumps
ANSI B73.1 Heavy Duty Chemical Process Pumps
ANSI B73.1 Heavy Duty Chemical Process Pump Impeller
ANSI B73.1 Heavy Duty Chemical Process Pump Impeller

Ansi End Suction Pump Specifications

Pump: Back pullout construction to ANSI B73.1 dimensional standards. Top center line to discharge and casing feet ensure maximum rigidity and stability, while Smart Turner quality and precision ensure accurate fits and clearances.

Casing: A radially split cast volute with integral suction cover, ruggedly designed with generous allowance for abrasion and corrosion. 150# ANSI flat faced flanged connections are standard. 300# flat faced flanges or RF are an option.

Impeller: Cast in one piece, the fully open impeller is trimmed to the exact diameter required and is factory balanced. The heavy section of the impeller provides excellent wear and corrosion allowance and the partial rear shroud provides maximum support for the blades. Rear pump out vanes provide axial hydraulic balance and low, but normally positive, stuffing box pressure. The pump out vanes are recessed into the stuffing box cover to maintain pump out efficiency if axial adjustment is made.

Stuffing Box Cover: A heavy one piece casting with rabbeted fit to the casing for positive alignment. The deep bore will accept a wide range of packing or mechanical seals. Optional Tapered and Big Bore stuffing boxing are available.

Gland: Split for packed stuffing boxes and solid for mechanical seals, the gland can be provided in a variety of arrangements to suit the application.

Gaskets: All gaskets are fully contained.

Shaft: Precision machined high quality alloy, normally fitted with a renewable sleeve, and oversized to minimize deflection to ensure smooth operation and maximize packing or seal life. Hardened Shafts are available as an option.

Sleeve: A precision machined, stainless steel, hook sleeve with an O-Ring seal against the impeller. A solid shaft without sleeve can be provided. Hardened Sleeves are available as an option.

Bearings: Antifriction bearings are generously sized for longer life, with a double row thrust bearing for minimum end play. Grease or oil lubricated arrangements are available. Grease is recommended for most services as being simpler and more reliable. Bearings are protected by seals at both ends of the housing.

Bearing Housing: A rigid casting with precisely machined bores and rabbet fit to the adaptor to ensure concentricity and alignment with the stuffing box cover, casing and rotating element. The smaller housing has an integral foot and integral adaptor.

Adaptor: A rigid casting with integral gland drip reservoir, precision machined to ensure rigid and consistent alignment between bearing housing and liquid end.

Interchangeability: All pumps utilize one of only three bearing housings. Pumps with the same bearing housing have fully interchangeable shafts, sleeves bearings, packing, seals, glands, and hardware resulting in an efficient parts inventory at both the factory and the customer.

Tests: All pumps are hydrostatically tested to 50 PSI above the maximum casing design pressure. Performance Testing is available as an option

Optional Equipment

Base: A rigid channel or fabricated base can be provided to our standard for electric motor drives. Special bases can be provided and can incorporate grout holes, drip rims and other features.

Guard: A coupling guard to our standard can be mounted on the base plate. Special guards can be accommodated.

Flexible Coupling: For normal duty our current standard is provided when a coupling is ordered. However, couplings of almost any style or manufacturer can be accommodated.

Motors: An electric motor or other driver can be provided.

Cooler: A cooling coil can be fitted to oil lubricated bearing housings for operation at elevated temperatures. No cooling is required for liquid temperatures below 350°F (177°C).

Note; standard grease lubrication is good to liquid temperatures of at least 250°F (120°C).

Other End Suction Pumps

Other Single Stage End Suction Pumps, End Suction design Two Stage Pumps, Non Clog Pumps, and Refuse Pumps are also available.