Manufacturing of Smart Turner 4x3x13TO-7 Heavy Duty Cantilever Sump Pump for the Steel Industry

Illustrative of our versatility in meeting the demands of more harsh and severe applications, Smart Turner Pumps Inc is pleased to include this heavy-duty cantilever sump pump utilized in the steel industry as part of the product line we offer. Based on the requirements from the end user that the pump would be used to remove tar and ammonia liquor, and also be able to safely and efficiently handle these materials on a continuous 24/7 basis, this unit is well suited for the extreme operating conditions of its environment. As a result of these specifications, we begin our manufacturing process by selecting duplex stainless and alloy steel base materials for all pump components, and choosing an ion plasma nitride 316L stainless steel shaft extension finish to promote durability and lifelong wear resistance.

In terms of pump capacity, the unit can handle up to 354 USGPM, with a 35' head at 1150 RPM to achieve the necessary pressure for the 2 cP viscosity of the fluids.

Project Highlights from this Heavy Duty Cantilever Sump Pump

Product Description This 4x3x13TO-7 Frame 12 Cantilever Sump Pump is used for pumping Coal tar and ammonia liquor.
Capabilities Applied/Processes Lathe, Vertical lathe, Horizontal boring mill, Milling Machine
Overall Pump Dimensions Length : 36"
Width: 48"
Height: 96"
Suction Inlet: Ø4"
Discharge Outlet: Ø3"
Tightest Tolerances ±.0005
Material Used Casing, Impeller: ASTM A890 1B Duplex Stainless Steel
Column, Discharge Piping: 316/316L Stainless Steel
Shaft: 4140 Alloy Steel
Coverplate: A36/44W Steel Plate
Finish Ion Plasma Nitrided 316LStainless Steel Extension
Shaft Extension only. We can coat with Tungsten Carbide as an option.
Features Pump
354 USGPM Capacity
35 feet of head
1,150 RPM
Motor Specifications:
7.5 HP
1,200 RPM
3/60/575 Volt
XFPC Enclosure
256TC Frame
Severe Duty Explosion Proof
VFD Ready Motor 10:1 Variable torque
150# ANSI Flat Faced Flanged Connections
Pump Flow Data Fluid: Tar, Ammonia Liquor, BTX
Viscosity of 2 cP
Temperature of 140°F
Estimated Part Weight 2,685 lbs.
Industry for Use Heavy Duty / Severe Duty industrial applications requiring continuously 24/7 service.
Quantity 2
Turn Around Time 10-12 Weeks After Approval of Drawings
Delivery Location Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Standards Met Customer supplied specifications
Product Name Manufacturing of 4x3x13TO-7 Heavy Duty Cantilever Sump Pump